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Psychological Effects of Social Media

psychological effects of social media

Social media has taken the internet by storm. There are 31.25 million Facebook messages, 347,222 tweets, 17,361 LinkedIn profile views, 48,611 Instagram pictures, and 300 hours of YouTube videos uploaded each minute. The internet is full of content that’s constantly being created or shared.

We already know what is happening, but let’s dig a little deeper and get to the “why” of it. Why do people love sharing on social media? Are there psychological effects of Social Media?

As luck would have it, a study by the New York Times Consumer Insight Group found the answer for us. Researchers concluded that there were five major reasons why people share on social media:


Perhaps this is the most obvious answer, but it was also the least common reason out of the five. Everyone loves a good dog video or a funny prank that they can laugh at and share with their friends. After all, what is the internet for if not entertainment?

Although less than half of shares are about the motivations, entertainment or passion, it does explain the tendency for funny YouTube videos to go viral as people want all their friends to see it.

Supporting a Cause

It’s almost impossible to go onto social media and not see someone talking about a cause they are passionate about. The study found that 84% of respondents use social media to share their support for a social cause. Whether it’s fighting against immigration bans or police brutality, social media remains a powerful tool for expression.

A perfect example of this would be the Ice Bucket Challenge. Politicians, celebrities, athletes, and hundreds of others all participated in this viral challenge which helped raise over $130 million for various ALS organizations.


Related to the above point, many people share on social media to feel good about themselves. A simple click of a button can let all your Facebook friends know how they can best provide relief to hurricanes or donate to their local homeless shelter.

Sure, some might call it slacktivism, but it’s hard to overlook just how excellent social media is for raising awareness of important causes. It’s an easy way for people to make themselves feel better while fighting for a good and noble cause.

Expressing Yourself

The study found that 68% of respondents love sharing things that they feel helps them express who they are. Whether someone is showing the world their love of dogs or how excited they are for the latest blockbuster summer hit, there’s something that just feels good about expressing yourself. No places are as good at showing someone’s uniqueness as social media.

It only takes a few clicks to let the world know who you are and what you like. Many people don’t have the chance to divulge such details about themselves in the regular world, so social media provides a wonderful vehicle where they can truly be themselves without fear of judgment or restriction.


This last point takes us to the social aspect of social media. More and more people are making new friends and connections online. It doesn’t matter if you’re finding your next hot date on Tinder or connecting with a potential new business partner on LinkedIn—social media and the internet has made meeting new people much easier than ever.

According to the study, 78% of respondents share on social media to keep in touch with old friends. It makes sense when you consider that the vast majority of Facebook friend lists are people that most users never keep in touch with. Sharing content allows them to reconnect with those who they haven’t talked to in a while and rekindle old friendships.


It’s impossible to deny the massive psychological effects of social media have in our current day and age. The influence of companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also allows brands to capitalize on new opportunities as they can reach people who are just casually scrolling through pages from the comfort of their phone.

Take a look at your content and ask how it plays into one of these five psychological factors. You never know what sort of marketing strategies might arise after a little bit of introspection. And, if you’d like more access to invaluable online marketing strategies, check out my done-for-you system

Building Trust by Using Social Media in Business

building trust by using social media in business

building trust by using social media in businessSocial Media became the primary marketing strategy for many businesses. Yes, you can put your brand right in front of many potential customers very effectively, and that is one of the reasons why businesses use social media. But that is not enough. Many audiences are tired of being bombarded by advertisements. So what can you do to stand apart from other competitors? One thing you can do is to get back to the old school marketing strategy – build a sense of trust with your followers. It is particularly true for small and mid-sized businesses since they don’t have much big brand names as big companies. The best way to keep the business flow is to have a great relationship with customers to gain consumer commitment. Building trust by using social media in business can be a most effective way.

Trust is essential for your business, especially to establish your brand. Almost every successful marketers in the world are selling their products so well because they have a rapport with their clients. They have to develop stories that would easily relate to their customers.

Ok, so how do you tackle developing that trust using the social media?

Have Powerful and Emotional Contents

In general, a story captures others emotionally especially if it is somehow related to their lives. With that in mind, utilizing contents that include your stories (or something you have heard) as it can be the most reliable method to build the relationship with followers. Develop insightful, significant material that will provoke feeling and develop a connection with your customers.

Create Infographic

Infographic has been a powerful tool to deliver the data or information. People are more intrigued by visual contents. For this reason, it will be probably the best if you hire a professional graphic designer to create attractive infographics. You will be amazed how many graphic designers focus solely on infographics or web designs. Make sure to look into a few of portfolios when selecting a developer that makes attractive looking, easily understanding, and useful infographics. Remember that there are several methods to represent information beyond attractive pie-charts and tables.

Submit your data to your designer to convert information into an infographic. Make sure that your website is applicable to the design. Most of all, you will want to utilize the infographic for back-linking purposes.


Your followers want to see you as a real person, not a faceless brand from which they’re purchasing. They want to know your ideas and suggestions as well as learn more about you as an expert. Consumers care less about money but care more about the relationship.

Make an effort to establish and nurture the relationship you have with your customers. Show them real you, who you are, and how you came to your current position.

Great Images Including Yourself

Images are powerful. Keep in mind the points above and also be sure to upload pictures of you as well as your life. Followers want to see the actual, unfiltered life you live. Post and share your everyday life with your customers regularly so that they know who you are and what you’re doing.

Mind Your Good manners

Being gracious and polite goes a long way. Despite the fact that we may not give these words a second thought or think they were harmless, people we offer these words will remember them. Remember in social media, whatever you post will go on public. Everyone can see it. Many people and companies got in trouble with words or comments they made. Even though they delete these comments, some people could get hold of them forever.

When somebody shares your post, thank them. If you need something from people, make sure you ask them with a word “please.”

Accept Objection

Let’s face it. The fact is that it is almost certain that you and your business are going to face some harsh criticisms from people one way or the other. So try to be honest and truthful. They will save your business. Instead of reacting, respond positively to critiques. Take it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Don’t be afraid to stand up for your belief and foundation of your business. However, have an open mind that you could be wrong. Customers, as well as prospective, will see exactly how you respond to negative reviews.

Have Fun with Social Media

After all, this is social media, right? You’re getting in touch with thousands (otherwise even more) of people from around the world in an instant, something never before possible in the history of our civilization. We have any information and knowledge available at our fingertips. Have fun with what you’re doing. Have a good time with it!

Be Adventurous

Don’t hesitate to try something new or unique when it comes to your social media accounts. It may not work, yet followers will certainly see that you are willing to take a chance on something new and creative. Unfortunately, it is a risk to it that you may fall flat on your face, yet there’s another possibility that you’ll do well. When you do well in something like innovative, you will rise to success really quickly.

Be Receptive and Respectful

Replying and discussing posts aren’t easier than many people think. Some people are just pessimistic and cynical about everything. Still, be considerate of everyone including those who are negative and dreading. Often it’s not the easy thing to do, but the right thing to do. And as pointed out previously, followers, as well as customers, will undoubtedly see how you respond to these negative comments, so the correct and positive reaction could result in additional business in the future.


Trust is something you gain, not something that’s given to you. Your followers put their trust in you because they see the real you and also the way you deal with everyday life. Use the trust and loyalty your followers have in you to establish relationships as well as offer a wonderful customer experience.

It is one of the great reasons why businesses use social media – ability to establish trust through it. We went through a few tips to utilize this powerful tool for the success. Have Powerful and Emotional Contents, Create Infographic, Transparency, Great Images Including Yourself, Mind Your Good manners, Be Adventurous, Have Fun with Social Media, Accept Objections, Be Receptive and Respectful. Keep in mind these things when you use social media in business, and you will find more followers in your social media accounts.

For more details, you can check out DFY’s list building system.

How to use Periscope to Expand your Marketing Business

use periscope and twitter

Periscope is gaining some popularity and become one of the best live streaming apps. It is a perfect tool for expanding your marketing business. Well integrated with Twitter, you can use Periscope in innovative ways to connect with potential customers.

Let me tell you a secret. Live streaming is the new player in the social networks' market. Unlike Instagram and other social media platforms that have experienced a surge, Periscope has proved consistent growth. It is the best time to start familiarizing and giving Periscope a try to bring your online business to the next level.

What is Periscope App?

Periscope is a live video streaming app developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein. It allows us to experience any events without leaving the house or even view someone's life at the real time. The idea of live video streaming came up in 2013 when, while traveling abroad, Neykpour came across the now well-known protests in Turkey called Gezi Park protests. He checked Twitter to find out what is going on, and could read about the event, but could not see what was actually happening. Beykpour and Bernstein started the project, and Twitter acquired Periscope from them at the beginning of 2015 before the launch. Within a few months, Periscope surpassed 10 million accounts.

See how much this app has potential? Let's talk about a few of the methods you can use Periscope for marketing purposes.

Unveiling New Products

When it pertains to introducing brand-new products, there are lots of ways to do so. However, the best method to launch your new product is through live streaming. You can do it with a creative unboxing, or talk about key points and features of your products.

You could also unveil them with a beta or prototype device, offering a firsthand peek at your newest items. Periscope allows you to interact with your customers by answering questions to make them feel engaged as well as connected with you.

Go Behind the Scenes

To make this interaction more powerful, you can take them behind the scenes tour. Whether it's a quick tour of your office or factory or a sneak peek into what is taking place behind the curtain, people are always want to know more about upcoming items and insights.

Real-Time Consumer Assistance

periscope live video streaming

Periscope is a wonderful tool to take advantage of a customer support. Use this media platform to change the way your customers go through their support experience. One key feature of Periscope to focus on is the capacity of recording. This feature enables your consumers to play a video clip back at a later time, which can be practical when dealing with a problem takes multiple actions.

Decision Making by Using Polls

To improve customer loyalty, let them involve a decision process during the creation, development or design of your product. Twitter polls are a great way to get followers involved in decision making. They will feel they are part of your company and are more likely to stick to your products for a long time.

Tutorials or Training

In addition to introducing your products by creating live streaming videos or going behind the scenes, you could use Periscope to offer a real-time tutorial or training session. When you conduct training to someone, you are viewed as an expert in your field and gain instant credibility.

This has a double impact. First, you're showing that you know your industry, which will create more followers and brand loyalty. Second, you're exposing your name and what it's like to work with you, which will certainly lead more inquiries from other customers or organizations.

Live Events

While Periscope is perfect for live stream product launches and released, you can also use it to display live events. This can be something as simple as an impromptu question and answer session, or a panel discussion with market leaders.


Those are some methods on how to use Periscope. When utilized correctly, it becomes a useful tool for driving both business development and consumer loyalty. However do not just stick to what you have just seen or heard. Find your own ways for Periscope to help you and your business.

Although gaining some popularity and being recognized as one of the best live streaming apps, Periscope isn't as widespread as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram ... just yet. That's why it's so important that you don't miss this opportunity to deliver unique and various content for your consumers. Become a forerunner to connect new relationship with your followers and show them something they've never seen before.

Your Customers Will Like This! Social Media Marketing For Your Business

social media

If you’ve spent any time on the internet in the last several years, then you know that social media is the new coffeehouse. It is where people go to socialize with their friends and learn about what is going on in the world. You can cash in on this by marketing your business through these forums. This article will show you how.

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