How to Write Guest Blog Posts to Build Authority Backlinks

Guest blogging– one of the most effective techniques to backlinking

Backlinks are essential for enhancing your SEO. Unfortunately, it is not always a piece of cake getting these links– especially backlinks of authority. One strategy that has been quite efficient at helping sites earn quality backlinks is guest blogging.

Guest blogging simply means composing useful posts for other blog sites. The blog sites that you target will relate to your items, services, or site. If you would like to offer this backlink building technique a try, then take a look at the following ideas.


Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Just before you can start composing guest blog posts, you have to discover a blog that wants your material. The websites that you would like to write on should be related to your market. They must have a large following on social media and an active visitor base.

You can search for guest blogging opportunities utilizing a number of different methods:
Search on Google
Search through Social Network
Browse the guest posts of popular guest bloggers


Search on Google

The top place to search is Google. Select a keyword related to the subjects that you wish to blog about. Include “guest post by” to the keywords you picked and carry out a search inquiry. The leading outcomes need to include blog posts in your market that were composed by guest bloggers.

Together with the search approach described, you might look for articles written by your competitors. Utilize the following search string, placing your competitor’s domain in the query:
Look for link: The results need to include visitor post written by your competitors.

Search Through Social Network

Other than using Google search, you can locate other guest blogging opportunities through social media. The most basic social media platform to search for this purpose is Twitter. Use the same techniques mentioned for Google searches– your keyword + guest post by.


Browse the Guest Posts of Popular Guest Bloggers

There is another way for discovering guest blogging opportunities. Search for guest posts written by popular blog writers. Once again, use the very first search approach explained above. Remember to put in the name of the guest blogger that you are searching for.


Pitching Yourself to the Website

When you have discovered numerous guest blogging chances, you need to pitch yourself to the website. Find out more about the site. Read their newest article and post written by visitor blog writers. Find out who their main audience is.

Next, learn if they have guidelines for sending guest posts. Some websites will offer information on how to submit an article. Discover what they are looking for.

You can then start preparing an email unless they have a form for getting in touch with the site for submitting blog posts. The email must be individualized. You want to be friendly and remain professional.

Ensure that you include several URLs to other articles that you have written. If this is your first guest blog post, then offer to connect to some of your preferred blog posts from your very own site.

If you do not get any websites to accept your guest post, do not quit. You might just need to pitch your blog post at the correct time. Take notice of your social media profiles. Try to end up being active in the very same communities as the websites that you’re pitching to.

If possible, try to start a conversation on Twitter or Facebook. You could share a post or re-tweet a message. Wait for them to mention you in a post on social networks or on their site. You may find more success by pitching yourself to a site that is already familiar with who you are.

Guest blogging has many benefits. You can get quality backlinks, increase your existence, and position yourself as a voice of authority. Get started with the recommendations supplied. Together with these tips, you can begin increasing your online marketing with a lead generation system through Matt Lloyd’s best-selling book “Limitless”.

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