How to Build Your Email List With a Lead Magnet

Do you know how many % of people are ready to make a purchase on the first website visit? It's only 1%! So if you’re holding all your marketing ambitions on the hope that first-time visitors will buy something from you, you won't make much money. Instead, on average, you’ll need to reach them out about four to five times before getting a sale. Many marketers use the email system to contact them, and there is one way to make it easy. In this article, I will show you how to build your email list with a lead magnet.

What Is a Lead Magnet?

A Lead Magnet, in simple term, is a marketing strategy to give away something to visitors in exchange for their email information. Information could be a report, an ebook, a free webinar or training. Have you ever enter your email (or maybe also your name) in the square box claiming if we sign up, we will get a free ebook (or newsletter, etc...)? That is a lead magnet.

From marketer's point of view, a lead magnet is a powerful strategy because you got the potential buyers' information even though they did not purchase anything from you at that spot. In fact, it is designed for 99% of the visitors who did not make any purchase. Their information will then enter into your sales funnel, and you can create a rapport with them so that they will become your customers. You may have also heard "Money is in the list." It is a true statement. The more potential customers' information, the more possibility you will sell your products. You do not want to miss every single visitor's footprint!

So, if you want to get their email addresses, you need to take the time to create a compelling lead magnet.

Do Some Research on Your Competitor's Lead Magnets

The first step is to look at other marketers' lead magnets. Take a look at the offers they are providing. Although you should never copy their offer, you can still get some idea and use something original and more enticing than what your competitors are providing.

It is because by researching what others are offering, you can get a better understanding of exactly what your potential buyers want. Use this valuable information as you select your offer. Typically, these offers will fall into one of these groups:

PDF, eBook, or downloadable reports
Discount, or coupons
Video tutorial

Which one you choose for your offer will depend on your market. PDFs and other readable materials when you do not have a physical product.

For example, if you use digital products or services, your consumers will expect digital offers, but downloadable materials will satisfy to almost any business model.

When producing your offer, which one to use is not nearly as important as the real material. Whether you film a video tutorial or gather a downloadable guide, you have to select a topic that captures your possible buyers' interest.

Looking Into the Major Problems of Your Prospective Customers

Examining the top concerns of your prospective customers will assist you in selecting a subject for your lead magnet. People are looking for solutions. They want valuable information. You'll deliver them the answers or facts that they want.

There are numerous ways to get more information about the top concerns of your target audience. You can browse online forums and communities. Take a look at the questions or concerns that people post most often on these websites.

Also, you can take a look at social networks remarks which include comments on both your very own social media accounts and those of your competitors. The social network becomes the most preferred approach of communication for most people.

The keyword research is also a useful method to find a topic. Search keywords or keyword phrases that are related to questions and concerns and see which one people are searching for most often.

After you have finished researching the major problems of your possible buyers, you'll have a topic to discuss. Make this subject the focus of your free content. Then, put the content together in a PDF, video, or webinar.

Importance of Title and Sub-title

Once you created a free offer, the rest is easy. You simply need a killing title and sub-title. Keep your title specific and straightforward. Let visitors know that in your free content, they will find the solution to their issues or concerns.

The sub-title follows up on this promise by informing visitors exactly what they'll discover on this page. Make it apparent to your visitors exactly what they will read.

This step applies to the rest of your websites. Keep the content brief and direct. You have to stick to the point. The entire goal of the page is to obtain visitors to register to your email list by using the free material. Make sure that they clearly understand what they are going to sign up for.


A lead magnet is a powerful tool, so it is very beneficial to understand how to build your email list with it. We had gone through a few steps here, but there are more you can take. If you'd like more powerful marketing tips to grow your business, along with a way to create conversion-ready web marketing potential customers on a monthly basis, click on this link to find out about our done-for-you system.

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