Building Trust by Using Social Media in Business

building trust by using social media in business

building trust by using social media in businessSocial Media became the primary marketing strategy for many businesses. Yes, you can put your brand right in front of many potential customers very effectively, and that is one of the reasons why businesses use social media. But that is not enough. Many audiences are tired of being bombarded by advertisements. So what can you do to stand apart from other competitors? One thing you can do is to get back to the old school marketing strategy – build a sense of trust with your followers. It is particularly true for small and mid-sized businesses since they don’t have much big brand names as big companies. The best way to keep the business flow is to have a great relationship with customers to gain consumer commitment. Building trust by using social media in business can be a most effective way.

Trust is essential for your business, especially to establish your brand. Almost every successful marketers in the world are selling their products so well because they have a rapport with their clients. They have to develop stories that would easily relate to their customers.

Ok, so how do you tackle developing that trust using the social media?

Have Powerful and Emotional Contents

In general, a story captures others emotionally especially if it is somehow related to their lives. With that in mind, utilizing contents that include your stories (or something you have heard) as it can be the most reliable method to build the relationship with followers. Develop insightful, significant material that will provoke feeling and develop a connection with your customers.

Create Infographic

Infographic has been a powerful tool to deliver the data or information. People are more intrigued by visual contents. For this reason, it will be probably the best if you hire a professional graphic designer to create attractive infographics. You will be amazed how many graphic designers focus solely on infographics or web designs. Make sure to look into a few of portfolios when selecting a developer that makes attractive looking, easily understanding, and useful infographics. Remember that there are several methods to represent information beyond attractive pie-charts and tables.

Submit your data to your designer to convert information into an infographic. Make sure that your website is applicable to the design. Most of all, you will want to utilize the infographic for back-linking purposes.


Your followers want to see you as a real person, not a faceless brand from which they’re purchasing. They want to know your ideas and suggestions as well as learn more about you as an expert. Consumers care less about money but care more about the relationship.

Make an effort to establish and nurture the relationship you have with your customers. Show them real you, who you are, and how you came to your current position.

Great Images Including Yourself

Images are powerful. Keep in mind the points above and also be sure to upload pictures of you as well as your life. Followers want to see the actual, unfiltered life you live. Post and share your everyday life with your customers regularly so that they know who you are and what you’re doing.

Mind Your Good manners

Being gracious and polite goes a long way. Despite the fact that we may not give these words a second thought or think they were harmless, people we offer these words will remember them. Remember in social media, whatever you post will go on public. Everyone can see it. Many people and companies got in trouble with words or comments they made. Even though they delete these comments, some people could get hold of them forever.

When somebody shares your post, thank them. If you need something from people, make sure you ask them with a word “please.”

Accept Objection

Let’s face it. The fact is that it is almost certain that you and your business are going to face some harsh criticisms from people one way or the other. So try to be honest and truthful. They will save your business. Instead of reacting, respond positively to critiques. Take it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Don’t be afraid to stand up for your belief and foundation of your business. However, have an open mind that you could be wrong. Customers, as well as prospective, will see exactly how you respond to negative reviews.

Have Fun with Social Media

After all, this is social media, right? You’re getting in touch with thousands (otherwise even more) of people from around the world in an instant, something never before possible in the history of our civilization. We have any information and knowledge available at our fingertips. Have fun with what you’re doing. Have a good time with it!

Be Adventurous

Don’t hesitate to try something new or unique when it comes to your social media accounts. It may not work, yet followers will certainly see that you are willing to take a chance on something new and creative. Unfortunately, it is a risk to it that you may fall flat on your face, yet there’s another possibility that you’ll do well. When you do well in something like innovative, you will rise to success really quickly.

Be Receptive and Respectful

Replying and discussing posts aren’t easier than many people think. Some people are just pessimistic and cynical about everything. Still, be considerate of everyone including those who are negative and dreading. Often it’s not the easy thing to do, but the right thing to do. And as pointed out previously, followers, as well as customers, will undoubtedly see how you respond to these negative comments, so the correct and positive reaction could result in additional business in the future.


Trust is something you gain, not something that’s given to you. Your followers put their trust in you because they see the real you and also the way you deal with everyday life. Use the trust and loyalty your followers have in you to establish relationships as well as offer a wonderful customer experience.

It is one of the great reasons why businesses use social media – ability to establish trust through it. We went through a few tips to utilize this powerful tool for the success. Have Powerful and Emotional Contents, Create Infographic, Transparency, Great Images Including Yourself, Mind Your Good manners, Be Adventurous, Have Fun with Social Media, Accept Objections, Be Receptive and Respectful. Keep in mind these things when you use social media in business, and you will find more followers in your social media accounts.

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