How is it like to be living your life in your own terms?

We wouldn’t be able to tell you how that’s like if we never took a leap of faith and made a decision to take our lives into our own hands...


But before that, we were nothing but individuals who slaved our lives away for a paycheck.

Work was life, life was work. That seemed to be the only constant, day in and day out.

John and Naomi About

The mundane routine of everyday life, working real hard for a paycheck, having to deal with office politics…

A life like this made us start asking ourselves: is there anything more to life? Is this all I could do?

Who we are...

Up till now, some of the things you just read might have resonated with you in one way or another. The truth is, most people feel this way, but very few actually do anything about it. This group of the “very few” is who we’re looking for.

The ones who no longer want to settle for less than what they’re innately capable of. The ones who know life can be truly amazing and lucrative, if only you’re willing to take the first step to make great things happen…

A retired US Navy & a former public school teacher turned internet entrepreneurs, the core of our mission is to serve and help others to reach their truest financial potential through the power of the internet.

We’ve helped hundreds of people who have zero experience in internet marketing to get started promoting their first products and making their first sales through the internet.

Why we matter to you...

From having no experience in internet marketing to now internet marketing experts, coaches and mentors, we know exactly what a person needs to get started from the very beginning on how to make an income online.

We’ve taken the hard paths, made costly mistakes along the way and we want to make sure people we help avoid the mistakes we’ve made.  That’s what our training and products focus on: ONLY offering what truly matters to you to get started making money online right away.

If you have limited or no prior experience in internet marketing, but you understand this could very well be the easiest way to help you get out of your rat race and enjoy a life you and your loved ones have been longing for, let’s talk.

Serving and helping others while impacting lives are the very reasons why we went into the military and education respectively in the first place. Although we’re no longer in the military and the education field, our calling remains the same.

Let's Connect...

Get connected with us. Send us an email to workwithus@actionmultipliers.com to see how we can help you get started. Tell us about yourself and what your inspirations are. Check out our blog posts for tips and strategies on internet marketing.

We look forward to connecting with you at a different level (than just you reading this page and leave).

Let’s talk soon. 

Best Regards,

John Connolly and Shien Yuin Yong

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